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14 Oct

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Andrea started the meeting at 7:30 and welcomed everyone.

2. Sign in on attendance sheet and ensure email address:

Mandi passed around a sheet and everyone signed in. Attendees were: Andrea Boudreau, Amanda Psiloyenis, Mandi Lawson, Angela Clarke, Karen Boss, Vicki Eisnor, Denise Coward, Holly Carhart, Amie Dorcas, Kelly Burns, and Janice MacKinnon.

3. Additions and Approval of the Agenda:

Everyone received a copy and previewed the agenda. Mandi motioned to approve the agenda forward. Karen seconded the motion.

4. Changes and Approval of last meeting minutes:

There were a few minor corrections to make to the minutes from last meeting. The main correction was that when we do a membership drive, $3 goes to the provincial association and $2 goes to the Northrop Frye Home and School. Kelly motioned to approve the meeting minutes. Amanda seconded this motion.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

Each month we will have a treasurer’s report to keep members informed on what is happening with the Home and School finances. Kelly Burns just took over the paperwork from last year’s Treasurer and was only able to prepare a quick summary. To date $2632.74 is in the bank account and there is another $170 in cash in the float. It was recommended that we have about $4000 carried over from year to year to get us started with any costs in advance for fundraisers or events. On the account there will always be 2 signers for cheques. Kelly is one, and Amanda and Andrea are the other options. Amanda has gone into the bank to put her name on the account and Andrea will do that tomorrow. About the account, a few things, there is a debit card and there is a $2.50 admin fee each month.

Our Ford Fundraiser BBQ portion raised $255.25.

Items purchased this month were: 2 cash boxes, office supplies (crayons, markers, pens, stapler, tape dispenser, permanent markers, pencil boxes and 12 clip boards). Also buns for the BBQ as well as condiments (ketchup) and ice. These items totaled $179.76.

6. Liaison Report from Principal:

Nothing to report at this time.

The Administration will always have one member present at each meeting. Also 2 teachers expressed interest in joining the Home and School. Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Brinson will be contacted by Amie Dorcas (VP) about this.

7. Meet the Teacher Night:

The Home and School had a table set up hoping to have volunteers sign up for specific events throughout the year. Although it didn’t go as planned, we did get 20 new email addresses of parents who were interested in receiving more information about Home and School.

We also handed out volunteer packets with information on volunteer needs in the school, and a letter for people to get their criminal record checks done. Laura Forsythe is going to help out in this area.

One parent stopped by with feedback that on Family Fun Night it would be nice to have some events for older kids.

Amie spoke about a commitment that the school has to developing leadership within the grade 7 and 8 students to give them a voice and a purpose. Some areas that they will focus on with these students is Home and School Welcoming, Playground Pals, assembly, and announcements. Hopefully more parents with kids in older grades will get involved with this as well.

Briefly discussed the need for a banner for Home and School.

8. Ford Fundraiser:

The fundraiser went fairly well, although we didn’t get as many surveys completed as we would have liked. Ford was willing to donate $20 for a max of 300 test drives and surveys. We finished off the day with 127 completed. Premier David Alward and his bus of supporters came and did test drives, as well as many of the volunteers. A handful of teachers/staff came that day as well. Ford allowed us to have an extension on the surveys, so we are trying to get as many filled out as possible before Thursday September 25. We have been handing them out on the playground, and put them in all staff/teacher mailboxes as well. Amie will encourage staff to fill out the survey by Thursday. Hopefully as we build relationships, we can have better staff support at Home and School Events.

We have remaining frozen hotdog buns left from our Family Fun Night that we did not want to use at the Ford Fundraiser. Amie gave some ideas of donating to Beaverbrook school or blessings in a backpack instead of throwing them out. Mandi will take care of this.

9. Event Dates coming up:

We will stagger Home and School meetings to hopefully allow for more people to attend. Here are the Home and School meetings for the remainder of the school year; they will all be from 7:30-8:30 PM at the school:

Thursday October 16

Monday November 10

Tuesday December 2

Monday January 12

Monday February 9

Thursday March 12

Tuesday April 14

Thursday May 7

Monday June 1

If we don’t need all these meetings, we can cancel them. We did want to have them on the books so that we are not trying to scramble last minute to set a meeting date.

We have booked a Fundraiser at Chapters for November 13. We don’t have all the details yet, but Amanda will let us know as we get closer, however we do know that a certain percentage of the evening sales (off regular priced merchandise) will go to the school. Briefly discussed having grade 7/8 leadership kids present, and maybe the school choir.

Our movie nights for the year will be: Wednesday October 8****, Friday January 16, and Friday March 27. These will be at 6:30 at the school.

**** After our meeting, it was felt that having the movie night on a Wednesday of the long weekend may not be the best for those families heading into work the next day. We decided to change the October movie night to October 24 instead.

10. Fundraisers:

There were some additional fundraiser information that came into the Home and School as a suggestion. These included Norcard Fundraiser, Veyseys bulbs, Johnny Coupons, etc. It was decided that maybe the timing wasn’t great for right now, we don’t have a lot of planning time, and not a lot of interest was expressed. This is perhaps something to give further thought to for the future. The consensus was we don’t want to take on more than we can chew, and we would rather focus on doing well the events that we are planning, rather than spreading ourselves too thin. Until we grow our volunteer basis as well, we need to be careful of not taking on too much. We also do not want to compete with whatever fundraiser the school will be putting on throughout the year.

11. Movie Night and license:

Andrea did some research and ACF is the only company that is licensing for what we want to do with our movie nights, so we will need to stay with this company. Our current license expires November 14. When we renew, we will cost share with the school because they need a license as well to cover videos they show in the school. We can save the tax by cost sharing with the school as well. The cost is somewhere around $650-$700, but we will only pay half of this.

Our October movie night we will play “Planes: Fire & Rescue” because it is the only pre-release kids movie available right now.

A sub-committee was formed for the upcoming movie night: Vicki, Denise, Karen, Mandi, and Amanda will help plan this. Angela can help with clean up.

Janice will purchase 2 oils, and a bag of popcorn seed at Rolly’s. We have a lot of water and juice boxes left over already from previous events.

We will continue to do the contests where kids can draw a picture, or write a story to be entered to win a free pass to movie night.

The idea of 50/50 draws was brought up. Not sure if we need a license. Denise will look into this.

12. Membership Drive:

It was too soon to do a membership drive at the meet the teacher night because we didn’t have a float or access to funds. We would like to still do this. Amanda presented 2 letters from the provincial association that we could send home in an envelope to students and ask for the $5 donation this way. We reviewed the letter and added some suggestions. Kelly to get an idea of how much money we did raise last year so we can include this in the letter. There are approximately 675 students at the school. Janice will do up labels that say Home and School to attach to envelopes. Denise is willing to help with any paperwork, i.e. stuffing envelopes. We will try the membership drive this way – sending home the letters. If it is successful, we might consider this for our Staff Appreciation Week as well. We have no time frame for membership drive; possibly after the website is up and running.

13. Logo:

We discussed developing a logo for the Home and School Association. We thought making it similar to the schools logo, but maybe having H&S on there somewhere would be good. We can stick with the Falcon theme and the school colors. Angela is going to ask her husband to help with this. We won’t get a banner done until we do have a logo.

14. Website:

Angela and her husband have been working on a website for the Home and School. It is It is just bare bones right now but we discussed options to be on it. We would like meeting minutes, and meeting dates, a calendar of our events, a section for volunteers, suggestion box. For tabs to click on from the main page there can be a home button, about us (we need a mission statement), events, contact, volunteers, etc. We need to decide who can post and who can’t. There is also the option of a member board where discussions can happen privately. Angela is willing to take this project on. Amie suggested we focus on a mission as this might encourage teacher buy in, since the idea of a mission has been a big focus from the district the past few years. Amanda will look at writing up something for a mission and send it to us for feedback. Angela will keep working on the website and have more to show us soon.

15. Monthly Newsletter:

The Home and School would like to have a section in the monthly newsletter each month. Amie thought this would be fine. We can post info about upcoming events, volunteer needs, meeting dates, etc. Amanda will do this for October’s newsletter.

16. Other events:

Some ideas for other events this year were briefly discussed including a Christmas event or Chinese New Year event. The school has no official policy on celebrating Christmas events or not. We will discuss at our next meeting the future events.

Next meeting: Thursday October 16, 2014.

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