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28 Oct

Angela Clarke stepped in as secretary for Mandi Lawson, (I apologize if I omitted anything important).
People who were in attendance of the meeting are Melissa Belliveau, Janice MacKinnon, Vicki Eisnor, Katie Brinson, Andrea Boudreau, Jennifer Girard, Holly Carhart, Angela Clarke, Tina Landry, Amanda Psiloyenis.

Tina asked to add to the agenda Policy 701. This should be done online by all home and school members and the criminal check for in school volunteers as well.
Andrea asked for approval of agenda Vicki E. moved to approve and Janice M. seconded the move.
Andrea asked for approval of the last meetings minutes, there were no changes so Holly C. moved to approve and Jennifer G. seconded the move.

The report from Tina was about the Spark bikes, the fundraiser money collected last year and the desperate need for volunteers. There is a spark bike in a grade 3/4 split room and in a grade 2 class room. As for results on if they are an improvement they are collecting data which will take some time to ensure they are helping the students.
Last year’s fundraising from home and school worked out to be $85 per homeroom. Teachers are using the money for class room resources and finding the best way to get the most out of it like using scholastic book orders and journals for students.
The school is in urgent need of volunteers for day time hours and other projects that can be taken home. Suggestions to get more volunteers is asking teachers to send a news letter home with request for help, strongly stressing to parents that volunteering can mean throughout the school year of just once, possibly having a whiteboard at the entrance of the school with a list of tasks and room number to find them in, that can be checked off as it gets completed. Will also include links to the school’s volunteer sign up on the home and school website (Angela will get to that soon).

The website update: Angela requested an actual list of events and specific tasks along with number of people required for each task to complete the Volunteer sign up link. Regarding the Chapter’s fundraiser needing to know what the donation would be, how many volunteers we need and specific tasks and times. Angela also made a note to link the school’s volunteer sign up to the home and school website and the policy 701, she will also write a blog stressing the importance of getting that policy.

The Mistletoe Market update: so far we have 21 vendors registered and 14 full tables booked out of 26 in just over a week. There are 11 door prize donations to come in valued from $10-$50.
Angela C. has 3 vendor volunteers willing to help with advertising and anything else needed, along with home and school members: Janice M, Katie B, and Holly C. Angela C. will write up info to email to Tina to submit to “what’s happening”. Also Angela C. will do a connects message the end of November or beginning of December.
The board has given the ok to go with the free santa from 11-1pm. Now we’ll need a photographer.
Angela C. submitted a list of items to purchase for the canteen and was given the ok to spend table income as long as all receipts and documents are submitted (that won’t be a problem).
The group decided against renting tables to persons who are conducting their own fundraisers. To limit confusion to event guests.
Amanda P. will contact Mrs Bartlett regarding choir and times, Mistletoe will accept any time she can spare. She will also be in contact with Amie Dorcas to see about other students who are musical that may want to play, and student leaders for volunteering and also if they will be having their own table to raise money for their trip (if they chose to take it).

The Home and school mission statement will be discussed again, Tina L. Suggested to Andrea B. to research other schools to compare and gather ideas. Andrea will update on that.

Home and school logo was discussed and suggested to look like the falcon form NFS’s logo but with a “H & S” in the bottom corner. Tina L. said she’d get Andrea the contact for the school’s designer and has done so since.
more news to come on the logo.

Amanda P. discussed the upcoming movie night. There are still a few volunteers needed. The movie night will take place in the Gym and the bus loop entrance. Angela will make sure to make a poster for the office doors directing movie goers to the correct doors. Posters will be printed and up the week of. Andrea B. will check stock on items and purchase anything else needed.

The Chapters fundraiser explained by Amanda P. is as follows: there will be a table set up at chapters from 6:30-9pm people who wish to register for the school’s fundraiser will go to that table and sign upĀ and receive a number. That number gets keyed in at the checkout. The school has the opportunity to have 10% donated as a cheque or 20% in chapters gift cards. Katie B. is going to look into the chapters pricing, resources and teachers discounts to help decide which is a better option. Amanda P. and Andrea B. will have a meeting with the Chapters manager once it’s decided and also get ideas as to how to make the night “ours,” the choir may perform but maybe there are other ways too. Also Amanda P. will let Angela C. know about volunteers needed and specifics so she can place the write up on the website.
To let parents know about the event there will be a connects message the week of and it’ll be in the November news letter and in “what’s happening” .

The home and school membership drive is nearly ready to commence. The letters are complete just needed to add the to them and the labels have been received (Thanks Janice M). Andrea B. will pick up envelopes and Tina L made the suggestion they are only sent out to the youngest in the family, that list is available at the office. There will also be a home and school news letter containing any other important info that needs to be shared (like requests for volunteers, upcoming events, website link and whatever else) to go in with the membership drive.

The round table discussion got deferred due to overtime of the meeting but Melissa B. did get to share her strong need for help in the cafeteria at lunchtime. There is a window of about 20 minutes where volunteers are needed to help serve food to students. As of now the students are spending most time in line with barely enough time to eat. Milk and cookie purchases need a solution to make things move along quicker. Melissa B. suggested an outside view could see it suggestions are welcome.

Next meeting: Monday November 10th.

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