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17 Nov

Here are the minutes from Monday November 10th meeting:

1. Welcome/Opening Remarks: were offered by Andrea.

2. Sign in on attendance sheet: Tina sent her regrets for not being able to attend. The following people were

present: Mandi Lawson, Angela Clarke, Vicki Eisnor, Catherine Bartlett, Andrea Boudreau, Denise Coward, Kelly

Burns, and Melissa Belliveau.

3. Additions to Agenda/Approval of Agenda: Angela motioned to approve the agenda as it is; Kelly seconded the


4. Changes/Approval of last meeting minutes: minutes were reviewed and no changes were required. Angela

motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the October 16 meeting; Vicki seconded the motion.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

Kelly shared the most recent update on our finances. There is currently a balance of $3509.59 in our bank

account. We have a float on hand of $170 in addition to the bank account balance. So far we have brought in

$184.00 in membership dues. We will be giving a large portion of that to the New Brunswick Home and School

Association ($5 out of every $7 collected). From movie night, including both entrance and canteen sales, we

brought in a total of $1001.50. We had approximately $200 in expenses out of that for canteen items, which

means our movie night raised approximately $800.

6. Liaison Report from Principal/Vice-Principal:

Neither principal nor vice-principal were present at the meeting, and the teacher in attendance, Catherine

Bartlett, didn’t have an official report. Catherine did comment that the income earned from movie night was a

great return, and went a long way in providing positive school experiences for families.

We briefly discussed that with the money raised from Family Fun Night last year, each homeroom teacher was

given $85 to spend on classroom resources. All purchases went through the office to keep records. Some

teachers purchased supplies on their own, and some purchased resources as part of their grade team. For

example, the Kindergarten teachers pooled all their funds together to buy tools they all could use. The

Kindergarten teachers also wrote a nice thank you card to the Home and School. Denise suggested we put a

copy of this on the school website or Facebook group to share the impact the Home and School’s work is having.

7. Discussion regarding need for December 2 meeting:

Initially at the beginning of the year, Home and School meetings were planned in advance for the entire year to

make sure that we were consistently meeting to plan. This was something that didn’t happen last year and was

noted as an improvement to make. Tina suggested we should avoid having too many meetings, and so it was

decided that we could go forward with cancelling the meeting scheduled for December 2. With our upcoming 2

events, Chapter’s Fundraiser and Mistletoe Market, there is no need for a meeting in December. Everyone


8. Chapter’s Fundraiser on November 13:

Andrea shared that Amanda met today with a manager at Chapter’s to discuss details. The fundraiser will run

from 6:30-9:00 on Thursday November 13. Northrop Frye will have a table set up in Chapter’s and Amanda and

Andrea will be volunteering for the whole time. Denise offered to volunteer from 6:30-8:00 and Vicki will be

there to help as well.

In order for a purchase to count towards the fundraiser, people will need a paper invitation at the cash while

they pay. Our volunteers can hand out invitations to anyone in the store and encourage them to help raise

funds for the school. A total of 20% of all sales that evening will go back to the school in the form of a gift card

to Chapter’s.

Catherine is organizing the choir. So far it seems that about 10 kids are able to attend, but many children have

practices or lessons for other activities that night. She will bring a CD player and the choir can sing a few songs,

including some Remembrance Day songs. There is a school dance happening this evening for the older grades,

so that is also taking away some numbers from the choir. The choir will sing from 6:45-7:00 or so, until Mrs.

Bartlett has to leave for another commitment.

Chapter’s also suggested we have donation jars available, and so we will have some of those up for people to

contribute to as well.

One school connects message was given about this to all Northrop Frye families, as well as info in the November

school newsletter. Amanda also put personal invitations today in the teacher’s mailboxes today. One more

connects message will go out about this fundraiser on Wednesday.

9. Purchasing equipment:

Andrea shared the need for the Home and School Association to purchase some equipment to use at our events.

This will help us to run things more smoothly, and make our events more successful. Some needs identified

were: a bar fridge to keep drinks cold during canteen sales, a DVD player for use during movie nights (because of

the copyright encryption from the licensing company, a laptop cannot be used to play DVD’s on), a large movie

screen, and a numbers counter.

The committee approved for us to spend up to $250 on a bar fridge, $50 on a DVD player, and a clicker counter.

Rob Reid, who currently gets us the large projector screen for free from a company he works for, may have

some quotes on cost to purchase one. Andrea is going to follow up to see if Tina has these, as she may have

been given them in the past.

The suggestion was also made for the future to think about a sign for out front of the school to advertise events.

10. Mistletoe Market December 6 update:

Angela has been taking the lead on this event and she shared the following details on Mistletoe Market:

– Event to happen December 6 from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

– Tables will be in the cafeteria. All tables are currently sold to vendors – this happened in a matter of 3 weeks. In

total we have so far raised $685 in table sales.

– Approximately $150 has been spent already on canteen items. Another $150 will need to be spent on canteen

items. There will be coffee, muffins, croissants, etc. available for purchase.

– Admission to the craft fair will be $1 per person, with children 12 and under being free.

– Pictures with Santa will be available as well for a cost of $5. If a photo is purchased, this will include admission

fees as well.

– There are 21 door prizes which have been donated, and these will be drawn with admission tickets (using the

raffle/50-50 tickets for admission)

– Photographer is lined up for Santa pictures. Families will sign a permission form with email addresses and

photos will be emailed to them a few days later.

– Santa is volunteering his time for free from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. He has his own costume. A Christmas scene

will be set up for pictures with Santa, which will include a tree, a fireplace, and decorations.

– Catherine offered to volunteer some Northrop Frye students for music for a portion of the event. From 1-2 PM

the 2 choirs will have a chance to sing, as well as any individual Northrop Frye students who play instruments.

Catherine can do an all-call to get volunteers for this. The music can be set up in/near the atrium. This will not

be a concert per-se but rather background music available for ambiance.

– Rob Reid also volunteered some of his time to play music. A Riverview High student may also come and sing for

a portion of the event.

– There will be a cupcake/cookie decorating station set-up and kids can choose to pay $1 to participate in this

activity. We will need volunteers for this event, and they can put icing on the cookie or cupcake and kids can

decorate with sprinkles, etc. We discussed having volunteers cook/bake these or also approaching a bakery to

donate. No decision was made.

– There is a need for volunteers. Angela will do up a sheet that has volunteer needs on it and put it on the

website/Facebook page.

– Communication: there is a Facebook event page, Angela and some vendors will be handing out flyers, ad on

kijiji… a school connects will go out and maybe a flyer/notice to go home. Angela had done up a flyer with a

“bring a friend for free” coupon that she is going to give out. This could be attached to a school connects

message as well.

– Communication going home through teachers to the youngest in the class… as we saw from the membership

drive, this might not be the most reliable.

– Booking for the event has been approved. We have the building space we need for Friday evening from 6-9 for

set up, as well as all day Saturday from 7:30-6.

11. Logo/banner update:

Andrea has been in touch with the graphic designer who designed the Northrop Frye Falcon’s logo. In order to

modify the current logo and take the image of the Falcon and add the words Home and School it will cost us

over $100. Through discussion with Denise we realized if we kept the currently logo and didn’t modify it but just

added Home and School next to it or underneath it, it wouldn’t cost anything because there is no design change.

We want to have a banner that will fit on the front of a table, etc. for us to use at our events. Kelly is going to

look into pricing for us to get some quotes.

12. Membership drive update:

Mandi has been collecting the membership letters as they come in, and so far there are 26 paid members. This

is a total of $184. Many people who signed up for membership are not able to volunteer, but they are

supporting the Home and School through purchasing of a membership. There are some new volunteers as well.

According to the Home and School bylaws, only paid members will receive communication updates, and have

the right to vote. Mandi will email all the Home and School members from last year and attach a copy of the

membership drive letter and encourage them to sign up. After this point, only paid members will receive

minutes, etc. We want to keep people informed, and info will always be posted on website, but a benefit to

membership is being kept up to date.

13. New Procedure for Booking Events:

After our last movie night, there were some issues with communication for booking the event (wrong gym was

booked). There is a new procedure for booking, which we will now follow.

14. Website update:

Everyone is happy with the website. We will keep plugging it in all of our communication. If anyone has

anything to add, they can send it to Angela Clarke. Thank you Angela and Chris for all your work on this!

15. Used book sale/exchange:

The idea was presented through someone who has not joined the Home and School Committee to have a used

book sale. Although this is a great idea, and we have done book exchanges in the past, we are going to defer

this idea until the New Year. We can only work on so much with the volunteer base that we have. We will need

people to be willing to volunteer their time and attend meetings if we are going to entertain ideas.

16. Adjournment.

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