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16 Apr

Northrop Frye Home & School Association had the extreme pleasure of granting teaching teams items from their classroom Wish Lists, which they were asked to submit in advance. Thanks to all the awesome work from our Home & School Association, and the support of many families and staff through events and fundraisers, we were able to approve all wish list items, for a total of over $5400! Pictured below is a member of the Grade 1 Team receiving their Wish List items. Here is a message explaining how these materials will be used:

The grade one team would like to thank the Home and School for purchasing the following items for us that were on our wish list: geometric solids, balance scales, life cycle of a chick book, cardstock and laminating film. We plan to use the geometric solids and balance scales during our math instruction. Having these items allows us to create hands on activities (stations) for the students while they are learning concepts such as geometry, measurement and equality. The grade one team is also working on a non-fiction unit. Children are learning about non- fiction books and how to navigate through them to find information etc. During this unit students are also researching an animal of their choosing and will be writing a report and have the opportunity to extend this learning at home. We plan to complete this unit by looking at the life cycle of a chick and hatch chicks here at Northrop Frye School in the month of May! The Grade One team is working with the book called “Phonics Lessons: Letters, Words, and How They Work.” It is a collection of a hundred mini lessons designed to strengthen phonological awareness in our students. We asked for cardstock and laminating film so we could prepare this resource (games and activities) and laminate it so that it can be used for further lessons.

Stay tuned for more Wish List reveals in the coming weeks! And please remember to come out to our Annual Family Fun Night on May 29 to support the school so we can continue blessing our school, teachers, and children!


here's the grade 1 team's wish list granted.

here’s the grade 1 team’s wish list granted.


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