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28 Sep

In case you missed the meeting Sept 16th here are the minutes:

Home & School Meeting – Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Northrop Frye School Cafeteria at 7:30 PM
1 Welcome/Opening remarks: Andrea
2. Sign in on attendance sheet:
Andrea Boudreau, Vicki Eisnor, Angela Clarke, Mandi Lawson, Janice MacKinnon, Jennifer Ryan, Eileen, Shannon Jackson, Denise Coward, Melissa Belliveau, Anita Sequeira, Katie Brinson, Jane Wilson, Tina Landry.
3. Additions to agenda/approval of agenda – Andrea
Vicki motioned to approve the agenda. Janice seconded the motion.
4. Changes/Approval of last meeting minutes – Andrea
Angela motioned to approve the minutes. Vicki seconded the motion.
5. Treasures Report – Andrea
$3760.43 current in account as of August 31. Maintenance fee of $2.50 come out every month, so that is to be deducted again. $6500 given to school in June for projectors, which was the proceeds from Family Fun Night.
6. Liaison Report from Principal – Tina
Been focusing in on direct PBIS – positive behavior intervention support. Teaching students matrix about being responsible, being safe, etc. Had 2 assemblies today. Middle school is guiding students. Can see some of the kids practicing this. Today’s middle school assembly was the best one yet regarding behaviour. The program is proactive rather than reactive and focuses on problem solving.
Boys and girls soccer try outs happened, and the lists of teammates are now posted.
Zumba starting. Offering in direct learning block to get more phys. ed time in for students.
Jump rope program offered at lunch to maybe be starting soon.
Sports seasons to be posted on website so parents know when planning.
Morning announcements to be on website like last year – admin will try to do this again. It is difficult on Monday and Friday but on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays there is an extra admin assistant in the office.
Meet the teacher – because of volume and fire occupancy. Going to do a video and take pics of staff. This will happen in classroom instead of in cafeteria. Whole meeting will be in classroom. Staff introductions through video in classroom. Meetings to be 15-20 mins each, with 2 sessions. Video will be on website as well for parents who don’t make it.
7. Preparations for Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, September 24 – Andrea
Is this something we want to do again? Something to keep Home & School in people’s minds, to keep it fresh. Any new ideas?
We will use banner and the info board up to show how active we are and what we are doing.
We could have Johnny’s book there and membership table. We will need to take turns manning the table.
Jennifer Ryan is willing to volunteer for 10-15 minutes.
Teacher’s classrooms first.
Once we know layout of night we can plan volunteers.
Could we come up with a way to get people over to our table.
Membership if you sign up by end of night your name will be put in a draw for a free Johnny coupon book. This will get people over to our table and on our email list to learn more about what we’re doing. Could generate interest.
Where can we put the table so that people see it? In front of library, on the corner was a suggestion. Make some signs. Balloons? A jar of treats or candy to get people over to our table.
8. Discussion regarding upcoming Johnny 2 for 1 books – Andrea
This is a go but we have a few things to decide, there are a few options for how we run the fundraiser. One is a consignment plan where they give us a certain number of books up front, they loan, and we don’t pay up front. At end of month they pick up remaining books. Pay $36 per book so we earn $14 a book. This way we aren’t stuck with any and we only pay for what we sell. Another way is purchase plan where we pre-order and get number we pay for. The minimum order is 50, and you have to reserve them in advance. There is only a certain number of books printed, so this guarantees we get them. We can add more books to our number later on up until day of delivery. Pay $31 per book where we make $19 per book sold. Coming out mid-November and good until January 31, 2017 – 15 months. Province wide coupon book so for example, pizza delight is good anywhere in the province. So this is good for day trips or family in other areas of the province. You will always have to bring the book from now on because they have fraudulent coupons in the past. Companies requested that this be fixed. Wine kit one is now good for wine kitz not Vinters Wine Cellar. Magic mountain, dinner theatre, all still in the book. Third option is combine purchase plan and consignment. Using school cash online versus kids bringing money into the school. This will help in administrative and delivery options.
We can reserve some now, and change up until date of delivery.
In October we will receive an information packet. Once delivered we can only add more in chunks of 50 books.
Let’s start with 150 and then we can add more onto that right up until delivery date. Purchase plan over consignment.
9. Membership drive update – Andrea
As of this afternoon there are 40 sign ups. There are new names and new volunteers this year.
Mandi will get all data for emails. Andrea to put membership cards in box for teachers to send home.
10. Website renewal – Angela Clarke
Created our own website last year which Angela and her husband created and maintained. Last year website was free because we were first timers. This year it’s $17.24 to renew the website. All approved this spending. Wondering if we could analyze to see the traffic.
11. Volunteer requirements and paperwork – Andrea
Andrea has packets to hand out. Any volunteer in the school needs this done. Policy 701 done yearly, criminal record check done every 2 years. If Tina signs the form then volunteers get criminal record check done for free. Any volunteer, field trip, etc. needs this.
12. Elections for 2015-2016 – Andrea
We need to elect executive tonight for the year. We have vacancy of treasury. Mandi to reoffer for secretary. Vicki to reoffer as vice-president. There can be another. Andrea to reoffer for president. Angela to offer second vice-president. Janice is new treasure.
We would like to have a home & school rep on PSSC. Andrea will do this again as she did it last year as well, and no one else was interested.
Parent School Support Committee. 12 elected parents. A teacher, Principal. Bigger picture issues. Portables, crosswalk, learning directive goals. Anyone can attend any meeting for PSSC.
President – Andrea Boudreau
Vice-Presidents – Vicki Eisnor and Angela Clarke
Secretary – Mandi Lawson
Treasurer – Janice MacKinnon
13. Discussion regarding proposed events and fundraiser – Andrea
In June we had a brain storming idea session.
Movie night options – Inside Out pre-release Sept 11 and it’s in stores in November. Activity page to win a ticket. 3 pre-releases per year and one left from last year that we must use by end of October.
School events are priority for the building so we can cancel anything else that is booked.
October 2 as Inside Out for our first movie date. Andrea to order the movie and book the school space.
Pizza from Little Ceasars.
Freddy’s pizza is a family at Northrop Frye School, and we wonder if they could they match the Little Ceasar’s deal? Tina could pass along our contact info. Mandi to email Tina the email account info.
Doors open at 5:30 and movie starts at 6:15. We sell juice boxes and popcorn and candy. Combo ideas. Movie subcommittee.
Mistletoe market approve. Not sure on date, maybe first Saturday in December. Craft fair again with Santa photos available. Choir sang. Canteen available.
Halloween event would be fun if we could pull it off. Amie could arrange leadership kids to help. Last year they did a Halloween obstacle course.
Mats for gym. Floors need to be protected. Man power to pull out mats is quite extensive. Using the perimeter on main floor for mistletoe market. Some vendors to bring own tables.
Halloween committee – haunted obstacle course. Gross out table. Stations. Halloween music. Kids in costume. Parade or dance. Pumpkin carving. Two hours max. October 30. Class pumpkin carving competition.
October 2 – movie night
October 30 – Halloween night
December 5 – Mistletoe Market
14. Next Meeting – Andrea
Monday October 5 at 7:30
15. Adjournment – Andrea

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