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17 Sep

Pictured L-R Jenn Ryan, Mandi Lawson, Andrea Boudreau and Angela Clarke holding the cheque for the 2017 Bursary.

Welcome back to a new school year!  September 13th we held our first h&s meeting of the school year along with elections.  This year’s H&S exec are:

President:  Andrea Boudreau

Vice President: Angela Clarke

Secretary:  Mandi Lawson

Treasurer: Jenn Ryan


A little bit about us:

Andrea:  She joined the PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) 6 years ago and became Home and School president 4 years ago.   When she’s not chauffeuring her 2 sons (grades 5 and 3) to numerous sports commitments , at work or volunteering somewhere else, you can find Andrea doing something for Northrop Frye school.  She always has something going on in support of the school.   She keeps the committee running like a well oiled machine,   her attention to detail, organizational skills and compassion make her a strong leader and her sense of humor, pleasant demeanor and fairness makes her a great voice to represent the school as a whole.  This quote sums up Andrea’s views on volunteering.  “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” -Elizabeth Andrew.

Mandi: She is the Home & School Secretary! She joined Home & School over 4 years ago when her oldest son was about to enter Kindergarten because she wanted to be an involved parent, meet other families, and make a positive impact on her children’s school environment. Her 2 sons are now in Grade 4 and 2 and she is so proud to be a part of an amazing school community! “I love being hands on at the school, and Home & School has been a great way for me to give back. I feel very passionately about the work that we do!”-Mandi Lawson

Angela:  She joined Home and School just as a casual volunteer her first year but after 1 meeting was signed up as lead organizer for Mistletoe Market.  While being so involved with that event and meeting great people she decided it was for her.  As a stay at home mom she was looking for something to keep her busy on her terms and H&S was perfect.  This is her 3rd year on the executive and now that her 3 sons all attend school (grades 4, 2 and K) she looks forward to more volunteer time.  “The past few years I’ve had my youngest at home so I could only volunteer when it fit our schedule but now I foresee many great hours spent with this amazing team doing what we love-supporting our school by hosting fun events for the students, families, staff and community.”-Angela Clarke

Jenn:  She has been the Treasurer for NFS Home & School since September 2016. She is a full-time working mother of two enthusiastic and delightful girls in grades 7 and 5. She loves helping out at Home & School events with her family as a way to have fun together, while ensuring Northrop Frye gets vital funds to go directly back to the classrooms. The following quote from Einstein best sums up her beliefs on education:  “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!” -Albert Einstein.



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