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28 Sep

In case you missed the meeting Sept 16th here are the minutes: Home & School Meeting – Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Northrop Frye School Cafeteria at 7:30 PM 1 Welcome/Opening remarks: Andrea 2. Sign in on attendance sheet: Andrea Boudreau, Vicki Eisnor, Angela Clarke, Mandi Lawson, Janice MacKinnon, Jennifer Ryan, Eileen, Shannon Jackson, Denise Coward, Melissa Belliveau, Anita Sequeira, Katie Brinson, Jane Wilson, Tina Landry. 3. Additions to agenda/approval of agenda – Andrea Vicki motioned to approve the agenda. Janice seconded the motion. 4. Changes/Approval of last meeting minutes... 

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17 Nov

Here are the minutes from Monday November 10th meeting: 1. Welcome/Opening Remarks: were offered by Andrea. 2. Sign in on attendance sheet: Tina sent her regrets for not being able to attend. The following people were present: Mandi Lawson, Angela Clarke, Vicki Eisnor, Catherine Bartlett, Andrea Boudreau, Denise Coward, Kelly Burns, and Melissa Belliveau. 3. Additions to Agenda/Approval of Agenda: Angela motioned to approve the agenda as it is; Kelly seconded the motion. 4. Changes/Approval of last meeting minutes: minutes were reviewed and no changes were required. Angela motioned to approve the... 

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28 Oct

Angela Clarke stepped in as secretary for Mandi Lawson, (I apologize if I omitted anything important). People who were in attendance of the meeting are Melissa Belliveau, Janice MacKinnon, Vicki Eisnor, Katie Brinson, Andrea Boudreau, Jennifer Girard, Holly Carhart, Angela Clarke, Tina Landry, Amanda Psiloyenis. Tina asked to add to the agenda Policy 701. This should be done online by all home and school members and the criminal check for in school volunteers as well. Andrea asked for approval of agenda Vicki E. moved to approve and Janice M. seconded the move. Andrea asked for approval of the... 

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14 Oct

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks: Andrea started the meeting at 7:30 and welcomed everyone. 2. Sign in on attendance sheet and ensure email address: Mandi passed around a sheet and everyone signed in. Attendees were: Andrea Boudreau, Amanda Psiloyenis, Mandi Lawson, Angela Clarke, Karen Boss, Vicki Eisnor, Denise Coward, Holly Carhart, Amie Dorcas, Kelly Burns, and Janice MacKinnon. 3. Additions and Approval of the Agenda: Everyone received a copy and previewed the agenda. Mandi motioned to approve the agenda forward. Karen seconded the motion. 4. Changes and Approval of last meeting minutes: There... 

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